Chinese wedding Old Royal Naval College Greenwich London | Yifan & Kenny

I am delighted to present to you the amazing wedding of Kenny & Yifan, a wonderful Chinese couple that I was happy to shoot in London, at The Painted Hall, an absolutely breathtaking wedding location. By the time I arrived at the wedding location and have met the bride and the groom and their families, I’ve realised that this is going to be a very emotional wedding! As a documentary wedding photographer I am always ready to capture the emotions of the day and happy when people forget about the camera and let go of their feelings and that’s exactly what happened during an impressive moment called the tea ceremony. A tea ceremony according to the Chinese wedding guide is the most significant event in a modern Chinese wedding. The bride is formally introduced to the groom’s family through the Chinese wedding tea ceremony. The young couple kneels and serves tea in order to parents, grandparents, granduncles and grand- aunties, uncles and aunties, elder brothers and sisters and elder cousins. After drinking tea gifts will be given to the couple in the form of red packets or jewelry.

What made this moment even more special was the fact that the couple was seeing some of the relatives after a long time, as they were traveling from China. They also took a moment to remember the ones that could not be present.
The weather was really good to us in the sense that a heavy rain has started right after we took some amazing couple shots, few minutes before the sun set over the river Thames.

Thank you Yifan and Kenny for giving me the freedom to tell the story of your special day through my lens and a big thank you to good friend Dewan for the opportunity to shoot together this beautiful wedding!