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Captured by a Local Photographer Who Knows the Magic

Imagine this: you’ve found the perfect venue – Cissbury Barns, a dream nestled amidst the rolling hills of the South Downs. Now, picture capturing every heartfelt moment, every stolen glance, every burst of laughter with a photographer who knows this place like the back of their hand. That’s me!

As a local wedding photographer based in Worthing, I live just five minutes from Cissbury Barns. Over the years, I’ve witnessed countless love stories unfold within these charming barns and on The Glade, their breathtaking outdoor ceremony space. It’s more than just a venue to me; it’s a place where dreams come true, and I’m here to capture every detail with a keen eye and a heart full of joy.

A Stunning West Sussex Wedding Venue: Cissbury Barns

Cissbury Barns in Findon, West Sussex isn’t your typical wedding venue – it’s a hidden gem tucked away on a private estate with lush woodland all around, creating a peaceful atmosphere for your wedding day. Here’s the beauty: you can choose where to say “I do.” The East Barn offers a cozy and romantic setting with flowing white drapes and elegant chairs and the West Barn is perfect for your wedding reception.

If you dream of an outdoor wedding ceremony surrounded by nature’s beauty, The Glade is for you. This stunning spot has amazing views of the estate and feels like a natural amphitheater, with trees creating a beautiful backdrop Cissbury Barns can handle it. The venue can comfortably seat 61 guests for a more intimate wedding lunch, 120 for a sit-down dinner, and up to 200 people for an evening party.

Florals by Wild Botanical Floral Design


Cissbury Barns Wedding Photographer 

Hi, I’m Gabi and I’m a Sussex wedding photographer known for my natural style when capturing weddings. I specialise in documenting your special day with a candid and unobtrusive approach, infusing an editorial touch into my photography to create a timeless and elegant feel to your wedding photos. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer for your Cissbury Barn wedding , please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

Em & Ben: A Sun-Kissed Wedding at Cissbury Barns

April sunshine bathed Cissbury Barns in a golden glow for Em and Ben’s beautiful wedding day, a day filled with joy and heartfelt moments. Many couples envision posed bridal portraits for their getting-ready photos. But the real magic lies in capturing the raw emotions and anticipation that fill the air. That’s why I arrive two hours before the ceremony at Cissbury Barns. The day unfolded at Cissbury Barns, bathed in sunshine and buzzing with happy anticipation. My camera first captured the beautiful details that hinted at the love story to come – the delicate flowers, elegant invitations, and the stunning wedding dress hanging next to the bridesmaids’ gowns. Glasses of bubbly clinked in celebration, momentarily calming the flutters of pre-wedding jitters.

As Em slipped into her dress, emotions ran high, and a truly special moment unfolded – her first look with her mum and dad. Tears welled up, warm hugs were exchanged, and love filled the room. It was a scene so genuine and beautiful, it became an instant treasure.

Meanwhile, Ben and his groomsmen were a picture of dapper sophistication in their bowtie outfits. A touch of pre-wedding nerves was eased with laughter and a celebratory toast (perhaps with a touch of whisky?). Candid moments of anticipation and warm greetings filled the air, adding to the vibrant atmosphere.



Why Getting Ready Photos Matter: Capturing the Anticipation 

Many couples might think “getting ready” photos are just makeup touch-ups and staged portraits. But at Cissbury Barns, I believe the magic lies in capturing the raw emotions and anticipation that simmer before the “I do’s.” Here’s why these become cherished memories:

  • They tell the full story: Your wedding day is a journey, and getting ready is a beautiful opening chapter.They capture the nervous excitement, the shared laughter with bridesmaids, and the heartwarming moments with family.
  • Emotions on display: The first look with parents, the supportive pep talks from friends, the quiet moments of reflection – these are the raw emotions that make your wedding story unique.
  • A glimpse into the details: From the delicate florals to the wedding dress, they showcase the beautiful details you poured your heart into planning.

These photos become a cherished window into the lead-up to your vows, a reminder of the butterflies, the joy, and the immense love that filled the air before you embarked on your forever journey.

The Glade – The Perfect Spot for Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

Sunshine and laughter were the order of the day for Em and Ben’s lovely ceremony at Cissbury Barns. The Glade looked awesome bathed in sunshine and beautifully decorated by , and everyone was buzzing with excitement. Tears (happy ones!) welled up as Em, rocking her wedding dress, walked down the aisle towards Ben. The whole thing was filled with giggles and so much love, it was a blast to celebrate their new adventure together!



Tips for a stunning outdoor wedding ceremony:


  • Time: Aim for a late afternoon ceremony if possible. This creates softer, more flattering light compared to the harshness of midday sun.

Guest Positioning:

  • Seating: Request the chairs to be arranged facing the best angle for natural light. Ideally, avoid placing guests directly facing the sun, which can cause squinting and unflattering shadows.

Planning & Preparation:

  • Backup Plan: Discuss a contingency plan with the venue in case of rain. Cissbury Barns for example offers The Glade, as outdoor space, and the barn as indoor option ensures if it rains.
  • Unplug the Ceremony: Encourage guests to be present in the moment. Ask them to refrain from using phones for a more intimate and focused atmosphere.



Tips for a great wedding photography during confetti toss

  • Shower of Love: Ask guests to toss the confetti high in the air, creating a celebratory shower around the happy couple.
  • Biodegradable is Best: Choose biodegradable confetti that’s eco-friendly and won’t harm the environment or wildlife at Cissbury Barns.

Flatter Darling Confetti Cannons:

  • Upgrade the Fun: Consider using Flatter Darling confetti cannons for a more interactive and visually stunning exit.
  • Easy to Use: These handheld cannons are easy for guests to use, creating a coordinated burst of confetti upon activation.


Tips for great speeches during the wedding breakfast

From the Heart:

  • Personalize It: Focus on anecdotes and memories that showcase your unique love story. Guests want to hear your journey, not generic pronouncements of love.
  • Express Gratitude: Thank your families, friends, and vendors who helped make your day special. A heartfelt thank you goes a long way.

Keep it Engaging:

  • Short & Sweet: Aim for a speech between 3-5 minutes. Nobody enjoys speeches that drag on.
  • Humor is Golden: Sprinkle in lighthearted jokes or funny anecdotes to keep the audience engaged.
  • Variety is Key: Mix up the pace of your speech, alternating between humorous moments and heartfelt expressions. 

Tips for Golden Hour Couple Portraits and Bridal Party

  • Timing is Key: Aim for photos 1-2 hours before sunset when the sun dips lower in the sky. This creates a soft, warm light that makes wonderful wedding photographs.

Location, Location, Location:

  • Work with the Venue: Let me, your photographer familiar with Cissbury Barns, guide you to the best spots for golden hour portraits. We might explore hidden meadows bathed in sunlight, or capture the panoramic views from the estate.

Couple Poses & Interactions:

  • Natural Poses: Focus on natural, relaxed poses that showcase your connection. Snuggle close, share a laugh, or simply hold hands and enjoy the moment.
  • Bridal Party:
    • Group Poses: Gather the bridal party for some fun group shots. We can capture candid moments of laughter and joy, or try some playful poses that showcase their personalities.


Tips for first dance 

First Dance:

  • Choose a Song You Love: Select a song that has special meaning to you as a couple.
  • Keep it Simple: Don’t overthink the choreography. Focus on swaying together and enjoying the intimacy of the moment.

Parent Dances:

  • Sentimental Song Selection: Pick a song that reflects your relationship with your parent. Perhaps a song they sang to you as a child, or a recent favorite that evokes happy memories.
  • Embrace the Moment: This is a chance to express your love and appreciation. Don’t worry about perfect moves, just enjoy the dance and the special bond you share.
Wedding photographer in Sussex with a natural approach to weddings creating stories worldwide


Looking for a Cissbury Barns wedding photographer?

I’m a Sussex wedding photographer, celebrated for a natural style when capturing weddings. I specialise in documenting your special day with a candid and unobtrusive approach, infusing an editorial touch into my photography to create a timeless and elegant feel to your wedding photos. So if you’re looking for a photographer in Sussex, please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

Findon Place, luxury wedding venue in Sussex by Gabriela Matei


With 15 years of experience capturing weddings, I’ve had the privilege of photographing at many stunning venues across the Southeast of England. This experience has equipped me with an intimate understanding of Sussex’s venues, from the grand scale of Cowdray House to the cozy charm of Findon Place in West Sussex. This allows me to anticipate the best lighting on your wedding day, hidden nooks for portraits, and unique details that will make your wedding photos truly special.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue for your Sussex wedding please check my my venue guide below!