Bride and groom walking hand in hand through a confetti tunnel during their wedding in Surrey

Capturing the Magic of a Humanist Wedding at Fiesta Fields Hidden Valley

An Unforgettable Summer Celebration – Fiesta Fields Wedding Photography

Sophie and Raph’s humanist wedding at Fiesta Fields was a truly magical experience. I’m so thankful that I recently had the privilege to assist amazing Jamie Dunn in photographing their stunning outdoor wedding at Fiesta Fields’ Hidden Valley location in Peper Harow, Surrey. Thank you so much Jamie for leading the way and for bringing me with you on this amazing day, what a fantastic experience! The natural beauty of lush, green fields of this truly incredible location, makes this venue a couple’s dream.

If you have a free-spirited nature, then Fiesta Fields is the perfect place for your wedding. In addition to being an incredible location, Fiesta Fields is a wonderful choice for couples seeking a unique wedding experience with lots of personal touches.

If you’re looking for an outdoor events company and wedding coordinator that offers venues for exclusive hire for your wedding day make sure you check out Fiesta Fields’ beautiful venues like Spirit Lake Surrey or Maplehurst Farm in West Sussex.

Fiesta Fields wedding photographer

Hi there, I’m Gabi and I’m a Sussex wedding photographer who helps couples capture all the memories of their big day with beautiful outdoor wedding photography. I love being able to let my couples be themselves and capture all the natural emotions of their wedding day. My passion is storytelling, and I firmly believe that the best way to capture all of those things is by letting you be yourselves. If you’re looking for wedding photography in Surrey or anywhere else in the UK, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!

The beauty of a relaxed outdoor wedding at Fiesta Fields Hidden Valley

Guests playing head bucket golf during fun wedding reception at Fiesta Fields Hidden Valley

The couple’s free-spirited nature and easygoing attitude perfectly matched The Fiesta Fields’ gorgeous locations as they both loved the idea of having a relaxed, informal wedding surrounded by their friends and family. From the natural beauty of the Fiesta Fields setting and decorations to the relaxed attire and fun activities, everything was planned with great attention to detail. The guests had a blast, and it was clear that they all shared the same feeling of joy and excitement as Sophie and Raph.

Getting ready

Whilst Jamie was taking photos of Sophie getting into her wedding dress I went to document Raph and his best friends.

There was lots of laughter, and high energy mixed with emotions as the guys got ready for the big day. They all looked so dapper in their tailored suits.

Fiesta Fields wedding photography

Their friendship was clear to see and it was great to be able to capture some memorable shots of them.

Receiving wedding guests coming from all over the world

When we arrived at the ceremony location at Fiesta Fields, Raph greeting their family and friends coming from all over the world was very special. The emotions were high, and the joy of seeing everyone together was palpable. The views of Hidden Valley, the rolling hills, and the green fields were absolutely stunning.

A pre-wedding walk through the lush fields

Sophie walking through the lush fields at Fiesta Fields on her way to the ceremony accompanied by her dad, bridesmaids and a wedding pony.

Sophie’s pre-wedding walk to the aisle at her father’s arm was absolutely beautiful and unique.

Bridal party and a wedding pony on waiving on their way to the ceremony walking through green beautiful fields

The bridesmaids and flower girls accompanied them as they walked through the green open fields.

And to add even more to the uniqueness of the beautiful scenery one of them was riding a pony! I truly felt like I was in a fairytale!

The most amazing wedding day: The ceremony

The ceremony was held at a nearby spot with great views of the Hidden Valley. The sun was in the perfect position to light up their ceremony.

Even though that day in June was the most amazingly sunny day in the UK, the wind was blowing gently making it the perfect day for an outdoor wedding. 

Sophie & Raph exchanged their rings and vows in front of their friends and family that traveled from all over the world to witness their happiness.

Once the ceremony was over, capturing them as they twirl back down the aisle was pure joy to photograph.

Fiesta Fields wedding reception

Sophie & Raph love organised games so they came up with some great ideas to keep their guests entertained on their wedding day. Here are some crazy wedding games photos captured during Tug of war, Head Bucket Golf, or horse racing.

The speeches were emotional and heartfelt, and it was so lovely to see how much everyone cared for each other. 

Fiesta Fields Ceilidh wedding party

a great entertainment choice for your big day

The sounds of the fiddles filled the air as the ceilidh band started to play. It’s very rare that I see such energy and so much joy while people were dancing. Every now and then I would take a step back from photographing to just enjoy the atmosphere, it really was something special.

Sophie & Ralph’s festival wedding at Fiesta Fields was an absolutely perfect, magical day. Their love and energy, the natural beauty of the surroundings, and the overall joy and spontaneity of the day made it one of my favourite wedding venues in Surrey.

If you’re planning your outdoor wedding I highly recommend Fiesta Fields. Please make sure you check out Fiesta Fields’ website for more details.

The benefits of a festival wedding

minimal fuss, wedding games, and lots of laughter

Sophie & Raph festival wedding at Fiesta Fields is a perfect example of how outdoor weddings can be beautiful, fun and unique. Their special day was full of joy and laughter, and I’m so honoured to have been able to capture all the authentic emotions throughout the entire day. 

A festival wedding is a great way to celebrate your love with friends and family. Here are some of the benefits to having a festival wedding:

1. You can have any type of ceremony you want.

2. There are no restrictions on photography – capture all the memories of your big day!

3. Guests will love the chance to enjoy a beautiful summer afternoon outdoors instead of being cooped up in a stuffy reception hall.

4. You can have plenty of activities planned for guests, like organised games to play and keep everyone entertained.

5. They’re fun and festive, adding a touch of personality to your celebrations.

Fiesta Fields wedding photography

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