Hampshire Wedding Venue – Holywell Estate

When you step onto the grounds of Holywell Estate in the lush Meon Valley of Hampshire, you’re immediately embraced by the charm only 900 acres of English countryside can offer. This is a place where wedding dreams come to life, and as a Holywell wedding photographer, one can’t help but be enchanted by every corner of this exclusive venue. 

The Walled Garden

With a beautiful setting of the walled garden for intimate celebrations and a stylish tipi ready for lively receptions and festivities, it’s a place where wedding dreams come to life. One such story is of Josie and Ben, whose outdoor wedding in the estate’s walled garden, painted a picture of love that’s both timeless and captivating.

A Morning To Remember

As the first rays of sun glistened through the trees on this beautiful spring day, there was a special buzz at the beautiful Forest Farm House where Josie got ready for her wedding. She was surrounded by her mum, sisters, and bridesmaids and the room echoed with giggles and the occasional tearful moment.The highlight was when Josie gifted her bridesmaids and mother with thoughtful presents—a heartfelt token of gratitude and love. But the moment that truly took everyone’s breath away was when they saw Josie in her wedding dress for the first time.

Outdoor Wedding Photography

Beautiful photo of the bride walking down the aisle during wedding ceremony at the Nash Conservatory at Kew Gardens, London; long veil and flower arrangements.


The Wedding Ceremony 

In the cozy walled garden of Holywell Estate, with the clear blue sky above, Josie and Ben exchanged vows. It wasn’t just the lovely setting or the sunlight that made it special but also their decision to have one of their dearest friends lead the ceremony. There’s something raw and genuine about having someone who’s seen the highs and lows of your relationship narrate your love story to the world.


Beautiful decor in The Orangery at Kew Gardens, London during weddings breakfast, flower decorations


I always love taking photos of this moment because it’s fun and full of joy. It’s one of those shots that just feels happy. Plus, I’m always grateful when the venue lets this happen because it gives everyone such a great memory to look back on.



After the speeches we went up to the Holywell House, a stunning Grade II listed house on the estate and took some couple portraits during sunset. The golden hour gave their photographs a dreamy, beautiful look.

An Evening of Emotions and Celebration

As the night drew closer, the guests were treated to heartfelt speeches that ranged from tear-jerking memories to bouts of hearty laughter. The atmosphere was electric with emotion, from pride and joy to nostalgia and hope. And as the speeches concluded, the estate echoed with the sounds of celebration—a party that truly reflected the spirit of Josie and Ben’s love.

In conclusion, Holywell Estate, with its natural beauty and historic charm, played the perfect host to Josie and Ben’s unforgettable day. Through the lens of wedding photography, their love story will forever remain etched against the backdrop of this splendid venue—a testimony to love, laughter, and happily ever after.

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