If you’ve never participated to a Nigerian wedding, let me tell you this: you have to! You will simply love it! The amazing people, the colors, the food, the music, the energy, the great mood and last but not the least, the Nigerian dancing! Mind blowing! Nigerians simply love their dancing, you can feel the joy of the rhythm in their moves, almost like a constant state of mind, like a language that everybody speaks because everyone here knows how to dance. Shooting a Nigerian wedding, for me, is an incredible experience every time i do it!

This wedding blog is about Ayo and Ayo, two amazing people that love each other from all their hearts and decided to get married on a beautiful October day at Boreham House, an absolutely gorgeous wedding venue in Sussex. I’ve started my day shooting the bridal preparation and I was so happy to find Ayo, the bride, to be blissful, calm and extremely patient with everything happening around even if I could tell the anticipation of what will happen next in the day was causing everybody butterflies in the stomach!

But the emotions were at their highest when Ayo the groom, saw his future wife for the first time that day! Very powerful! Tears of joy and happiness were rolling down his eyes when he saw her wearing the wedding dress, walking down the aisle at her fathers arm. I tell you that I feel like a very lucky person to be able to document such an important day of a couple that is in complete adoration for each other! I d like to add one more thing before I let you enjoy the photos, I was extremely happy to be able to photograph this wedding together with my partner Marius, also because our good friend Segun Olotu was present at the wedding in the quality of best man! Cheers, my friend! Lovely speech!

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