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I am delighted to present to you this spectacular wedding at The Ritz London.If you are looking for inspiration for wedding decor and flowers and you would like to see more of the exquisite floral design signed by Paul Thomas Flowers, I have prepared this blog post that focused exclusively on it!

L & A  had the amazing idea to have a small, intimate wedding at The Ritz hotel in London and I have to admit it was a fantastic experience! Firstly,  I’d like to say that I’ve honestly never seen so many wedding flowers in one place in my life and the wedding arrangements were beyond anything one could imagine and I’m sure you can agree after seeing the photos. Going forward I feel the need to express how lucky and grateful I am every time I have the chance to witness the celebration of love, especially when the emotions run so high that you can feel it in the air.

My day started in The Queen Elisabeth Room where the couple had their first look. I have to say, first looks have something magical about them; the surprise, the love, the hug, the silent squeeze of the hands, the mutual look on the face that says I’m so lucky to have met you and today we are getting married. The civil wedding took place in the Music room and again the floral design was simply stunning. The couple decided to walk down the aisle together and have their family and close friends as witnesses to their union. The ceremony was extremely emotional and it made me contemplate on the happiness that comes along with loving another human being.

Shortly after the bridal party moved into the William Kent House garden to enjoy champagne and happy chatting.  And while the guess were enjoying themselves the couple and I went around the hotel to take couple portraits as it was a must do to also photograph them in the breathtaking wedding decor that was prepared for their wedding.

Please enjoy the images and if you like what you see get in touch with me as soon as possible and let’s talk about your wedding! x

The Ritz wedding Photographer

Wedding shot for Cameo Photography.